Robert Pafundi

Hollywood Entertainment Attorney

Robert Pafundi is the President and CEO of Code: J Entertainment, an International Film Production Company with main offices in both Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan. He is also the principal of Pafundi Law Firm, APC, and the only known Hollywood Entertainment Attorney to be a well-regarded published author and to have owned a boutique historically known Hollywood Talent Agency. Robert coproduced the multi award-winning inspirational documentary film, The 25,000 Mile Love Story.  Robert speaks and writes extensively on a huge array of subjects related to the practical, business, and of course the legal side of the entertainment industry. Pafundi was the successful attorney in the precedent setting California case of Berg v. Traylor. This appellate decision was widely reported in Hollywood trade publications because of its enormous impact on how talent representatives worked with Hollywood talent. Robert is also the President and Co-Founder of BoxOffice Pitch Inc., an modern day highly innovative movie production house and distribution company. He still currently represents iconic film and TV personalities including Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), television personalities/fashion models Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Emmy Award-Winning actress Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby, The Young & The Restless). Pafundi hold his Nidan Degree (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Bujinkan Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, the most historic and traditional of all Japanese Martial Arts.